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Conversions mean taking action

A quote request, purchase of a product or a sign-up to your email newsletter are all examples of conversions. Your business will get some (or all) of these on a regular basis.

You need to measure your conversions to understand if your website and marketing efforts are effective for your business.

For every person that comes to your website and completes an action that you'd like them to take, such as requesting a quote, there are many others that didn't take action.

When you work on boosting your website conversions, you're bringing in more leads, having more conversations and generating more sales.

Download our free guide and learn how you can boost your website conversions, as well as provide a great experience to your website visitors.

  • Learn about the different types of conversions and what exactly "macro" and "micro" mean

  • See why it's important to measure your conversion rates to create actionable data for your business

  • Understand why you should only ever make changes based on data and not hunches or guesses

  • Find out what you can optimise on your website to start increasing your conversions quickly

  • Learn how to use A/B testing to know which of your changes are really boosting your conversions



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